Google maps SearchBox item selection on mobile devices

Recently I have implemented a SearchBox functionality in Google maps in a mobile application done with the ionic framework. It came to me as a surprise as the selection of the proposed items was working prefectly fine on web browsers, but it was not working on mobile devices. After the usual routine (google search), there was the proposed… Read More »

Another Phishing email passes Yahoo’s filter

From time to time Yahoo’s filter lets some phishing emails pass. For example the one that I have received today claiming to be from PayPal: Or the one that I have received yesterday, and this is the third phishing email claiming to be from apple support:

How To: Copy cell value in a DevExpress XtraGrid Control

In this post there is a code snippet for copying a text from a cell in a DevExpress XtraGrid control Then on the right click in the context menu add item to handle the copy:

Simple saving of the state of the DevExpress GridControl (GridView) on refresh

Just up to Devexpress 12 (mre precisely 11.2.12), the grid was not reseting when the ListChangeType equals to Reset: The request for fix to collaps the columns on reset This is causing a lot of issues for developers that have grids with massive updates and that have to persist the expanded/collapsed state. DevExpress has fixed this behaviour just… Read More »

Generic Shallow Copy method in C#

Methods of copying Example data objects A and B, each consisting of a number of memory blocks. The design goal of most objects is to give the resemblance of being made out of one monolithic block even though most are not. As objects are made up of several different parts, copying becomes nontrivial. Several strategies exist to attack… Read More »

HowTo: Pre-load images using JavaScript HTML without jQuery

Fast-loading pages are pleasing for the visitors. One way to decrease loading times and enhance performance involves maximizing image display efficiency. The times you will need to preload images will almost always involve JavaScript and some degree of interactivity. Note: preloading images does not reduce bandwidth! It only decreases apparent load time, thereby enhancing user experience. I have… Read More »

Phishing email passes Yahoo’s filter

This morning as I was checking my email, I have noticed en email from “Apple” saying “Your Account is temporaraily frozen” (temporaraily is spelled wrong :) ) As I have an account from apple I urged myself into clicking the link, but then I saw the domain to which it points. As you can see on the image,… Read More »

Yahoo account phishing email passes Yahoo’s spam/phishing filter

Today I have received and email in my inbox on my yahoo account that looks like this: this email has a sender “Yahoo!” and a very intimidating message: “Our system detected an error in your account, we strongly advise you update your account to avoid account Suspension or De-activation.“. Other thing that should make you feel like this… Read More »

Android: Fixed Header and Add Table Rows Dynamically

I have been playing around with the TableLayout in android and I was trying to find how to have a fixed header row and how to populate the table dynamically. First to create the layout xml. The simulation of the fixed row, as you can see in many android blog posts or portals, is done by using a… Read More »

HowTo: Stay annonymus on the WEB: Short Tor usage guide

How much important is your privacy to you? I am sure that you know that every site you visit is seeing your IP address, put cookies on your machine and that it can dig a lot of information as your OS, your borwser, location etc… For most of the users that is not a big deal as something… Read More »